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  Suppose a foreign friend of yours is coming to visit your hometown, what is the most interesting place you would like to take him/her to see and why?


  I like to take him to visit to Beijing ,the capitexperiencingal city of China. Beijing is steeped in culture ,with a history of 3000 years .There are loads of monuments, in Beijing , like the fobidden city,the great wall and the summer palace . I am totally fascinated by its culture 。

  I went to Beijing when I was in my primary school ,but it did not leave me a deep impression . Because I was too young to understand the Chinese historical culture and it was difficult for a littlechild to be interested in it. I just felt the weather in Beijing was hot ,also very dry and the roast duck was really delicious.But now I regret for not learning the knowledge of cultural heritages in Bejing at that time.I am planning to study abroad and I want to introduce a lot of interesting Chinese culture to foreigners . But in fact I do not know it clearly ,even many foreigners know more things about Beijing than I know . It makes me feel kind of embarrassed。

  So I am looking forward to paying a visit to Beijing and looking around all the monuments in Beijing . I hope I can learn some valuable things about chinese history. Then I can recommend this city to my foreign friends . It is not a city only full of skyscrapers, but also an ancient capital filled with time-honored traditions 。


  Mike is one of my foreign friends. If he comes to our country, I shall take him to the Great Wall first. There exist three reasons for my decision.

  To begin with, the Great Wall symbolizes China ancient history. The Wall built from the 5th century BC until the beginning of the 17th century, experiencing our country's various dynasties.

  What's more, it embodies our primary principle: teamwork is everything. Obviously, it was rather difficult to build such a wall in the ancient days without any modern machines, because all the work had to be done only by hand. But millions of China people came together and made it a reality.

  Finally, the Great Wall expresses our determination to resist invasion. The Wall was originally a project of Qin dynasty designed to keep out the invaders. Although millions of people died for building the Wall, China people defended our own sovereignty.

  I believe that Mike will satisfy with my arrangement.


  If a foreign friend of mine is going to visit my hometown, Shanghai, I would like to take her to Yu Garden.

  Yu Garden is a traditional Chinese garden located beside the City God Temple in the northeast of Shanghai. Here she will marvel at the exotic and exquisite beauty of the Chinese Garden. She can walk on the crooked bridge and take photos of the beautiful goldfish. Besides, she can taste the local cuisines like steamed buns, wonton noodles, soy milk. There are a variety of mouth-watering snacks there. Apart from the beautiful scenery and delicious food, she will also be attracted by the remarkable performance of different craftsmen. For example, she will see Shanghai-style paper-cutting, and the process of making Chinese candy and clay figurines.

  I believe my friend will have a great day if she visits Yu Garden. This is a place where the features of this city are combined.



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