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  Had a holiday, today because tomorrow is New Year‘s day. What is the origin of New Year‘s day? In the afternoon I checked the online, let me tell you:

  Yuan has a beginning, refers to the time of the morning, also refers to the day. New Year‘s day, it is the first day of the year.

  New Year‘s day is called ganjitsu in ancient times, it is said that "New Year‘s day" was originally called up from one of the three sovereigns ZhuanXu, ZhuanXu RMB for the first month, the first for the denier, and later the xia, shang, zhou, qin and han dynasties to the provisions of the New Year‘s day is different. Dynasty to the first day for New Year‘s day, the first lunar month shang dynasty in December month for New Year‘s day, the zhou dynasty in on the first New Year‘s day.

  The word New Year‘s day originated in southern dynasties, people Xiao Ziyun dielectric jas poem: four new New Year‘s day, Wan Shouchu today. Song dynasty wu self "dream Liang Lu, a day of the first item: the ShuoRi, day of New Year‘s day, common for the New Year. First section sequence, this is a list. Han dynasty cui been reflected in "the third women of inscription" called. In the jin dynasty YuChan "Yang du fu" called magic. When put in a "song yuan will great imperial summer" called for the yuan in the spring. One commission "ganjitsu back toward the concept of military battle to camp" in the poem of yuan new moon. New Year‘s day is traditionally a summer (the lunar calendar, lunar calendar) in the first month the new moon. Have a different name in Chinese dialects, has called on the first day, has called the great day of the new moon, have called on the first day, generally called the first day. Month day of New Year‘s day is not consistent in the past dynasties. Took on the first day, the first lunar month shang dynasty in the month of December, the zhou dynasty beginning in November.

  Oh! After original each festival has a history, we must study hard, get to know the historry of the festival.





  元旦一词,最早出自南朝人萧子云 《介雅》诗:四气新元旦,万寿初今朝。宋代吴自牧 《梦梁录》卷一正月条目:正月朔日,谓之元旦,俗呼为新年。一岁节序,此为之首。汉代崔瑗《三子钗铭》中叫元正。晋代庾阐《扬都赋》中称作元辰。北齐时的一篇《元会大享歌皇夏辞》中呼为元春。唐德宗李适《元日退朝观军仗归营》诗中谓之元朔。历来元旦指的'是夏历(农历、阴历)正月初一。在汉语各地方言中有不同叫法,有叫大年初一的,有叫大天初一的,有叫年初一的,一般又叫正月初一。我国历代元旦的月日并不一致。夏代在正月初一,商代在十二月初一,周代在十一月初一。


  On the first day of the new year, I and my father, mother, and my uncle, aunt came to Nantong today, the Performing Arts Plaza, began our new years Eve carnival. We entered the square door laughing and talking, greeted the countless tables and chairs, and sat around the table of the audience, the ear is the deafening sound of music, cant help my feet to the rhythm of the music began to shake. We chose a balcony, sitting comfortably down, aunt helped me two copies of popcorn, a large fruit, a cup of reeky tea, there are many other delicious snacks. Before the performance time is long, will do business staff moved to the ready draw card, I saw many children draw up, my heart also itch, my aunt seemed to read my mind, handed me 20 yuan of money, I hope to go to the stage, to a 29, it is just a award, but better than nothing! Soon the show began, the program is really rich, comedy, dance, acrobatics, playing art......

  They watched funny performances, I laughed on the couch roll straight. The most fun is that as an art, an actress dressed gorgeously, dancing on the stage, sang several first girl songs, but in the end, the host told us, this is a man to play, we are shocked, then I laughed at that kept shooting hit the bed chair. The show is over, I feel exhausted when I go out of the square. Today, its a carnival night!




  The history of the New Years day

  hinese new year is a chinese traditional festival.we also call it the spring festival.it is on lunar january 1st.

  on new year’s eve,all the people sit around the desk and have a big family dinner.there are some vegetables,some fish,some meat,some fruits and some drink like juice,coke,pepsi and some nice wine.overall,this is a good and delicious dinner.after dinner,we always watch tv new year progammes.we have a wonderful evening on new year’s eve.

  On the first day of the spring festival,most of people get up early and say “happy new year”to each other.for breakfast,people often eat dumplings and baozi.after breakfast,people often make many delicious foods,and children often play cards,computer games and fireworks.on the second and third day,we visit friends and relatives.

  everyone is busy on chinese new year,and everyone is happy,too.
















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